Project Management Portal

The Indura Project Management Portal has been designed and built to support the project team at every stage of the project building life cycle. Delivering one point of access for storing, sharing, discussing and approving project documents, discussions and change notifications.

Indura PMP manages construction projects, their discussions and approvals online. The portal is built to align the Building Safety Act and Golden Thread best practices. The system tracks and archives discussions on Change Requests and Requests for Information, meaning that key conversations or decisions are not lost in long email threads.

Document storage

Using file structures that work with the team, you have access to built-in templates that mirror the RIBA stages, or we can simply build the filing structure relevant to your team.

Full Archive Capability

Built around the best practice of the Building Safety Act, the Indura PMP system ensures that document uploads, discussion threads and change decisions are all archived and linked to the relevant document, RFI or CR

Online Change Requests/Request for Information

Indura allows the team to raise CRs/RFIs through the portal. It automatically distributes these for discussion to key individuals and tracks the discussions through its inbuilt messaging feature. Once the discussions are complete, then the CR or RFI is ready for approval.

Pre- and Post-Contract Access

PMP allows you to build access to the system, documents and discussions, in line with the project stages, developing contractor and sub-contractor access as required.

Change Request /Request for Information Approval

The system provides an automatic workflow for approval, rejection and completion of the change request and any actions required. Once discussions are over and approved, a submittal is automatically instructed for action.

Real-Time Reporting

On areas that affect the project progress including: documents awaited, how many change requests are open or closed, etc. All are driven directly from the portal database.

i-icon-greenKey Benefits

Online access

One online system supporting all documents, drawings, specifications, online discussions and ensuring simple, efficient tracking of all project discussions at any point in the project.

Supporting best practice

One system built to support clients in best practice compliance principles, guidelines and BS regulations. Gives peace of mind that everything is tracked and retrievable should it be needed.

Everything in one place

One system to prepare, issue, monitor and manage Change Requests or Requests for Information. Always know what was asked, the decisions made, and who was involved. Total control and accountability at every stage of the project.

Standardised format

One system creating standardisation across all your projects, giving teams efficiency through familiarisation and shared access.


One system that develops with you and your team. Create File structures with your key standard documents and process instructions. Save time and effort by not having to recreate and share every time you start a new project.

Powerful Search Function

The Indura search facility has enormous power. If you forget the exact document you are looking for, the system can search on a single word across all stored documents and return the results and the number of times the word is found in each document.


i-icon-blueKey Features

  • Automatic reminder emails

  • Built-in review and approval process for CRs and RFIs

  • Archive system built-in to provide details of document version and replacements

  • Comprehensive, quick search facility on all system documents

  • Cloud-based with the highest levels of encryption and security

  • Multiple file types supported

  • Boosts environmental credentials of the build, moving away from the paper-based process.

  • Simple to use, with affordable licensing and costing structure

i-icon-greenSafe & secure

InduraPMP holds all of your legal compliance systems and records on-line, so if you do not want a difficult-to-manage paper based system, or require a solution that meets requirements of BS EN ISO 14001, InduraPMP is the ideal solution.

Sign on to the system is controlled via user’s email addresses. Email is important as all reports are sent electronically, providing:
• An environmentally friendly solution
• User integrity

InduraPMP is a secure web based solution, so can be accessed anywhere, at any location, at any time, just as long as you have internet access.

All information is held on central servers, so changes to legislation, or your company information, can be executed, communicated, and even implemented with considerable efficiency.

If your computer crashes, you won’t lose any data as everything you do is held online in our secure servers.


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