Safety File Solution

The Indura Safety File Solution has been, designed and built to improve the quality of safety file documentation and to speed up the safety file handover process upon completion of the project. Designed and commissioned by Health & Safety professionals with a wealth of experience in the construction industry and CDM roles.

Indura SFS takes the safety file compilation online, using the project timeline and completed phases of work as a guide to collecting information throughout the build. Not waiting until the end of the project to chase the build team for all the required documents, whilst there is a client waiting to move in. Using either built-in or client specified safety file structure, alongside the project timeline, Indura SFS will, from the onset of the build:


Set up automated schedule of email reminders for Principal and Trade Contractors, Document Controllers, etc, to advise them of the documentation needed and gives timeframes for returning the information.


The system sends documents, drawings, etc, for review and approval to the construction team, ensuring the correct information is included in the safety file.


A real-time dashboard uses a RAG status to show how the safety file is building, providing the site team with details of documents awaiting review and approval.

i-icon-greenKey Benefits

Once the build is complete the safety file is converted to support the client, in managing and maintaining the building.

Annual licensing clients will have, 24/7, online access to all the Safety File data, providing them with:

Powerful search

Fully searchable access to manage and maintain the building and facilities post-build

Single point of reference

One system supporting all documents, drawings, specifications, and contractors’ details, which can be quickly and efficiently accessed whenever needed.

Keeps working even after the build

New documents can be added to Indura SFS after the build where needed through the simple uploading system.

Up to date

The built-in archive system ensures that documents are revised or replaced.

Historical data

The original documents are kept in the background of the system, with full details of the document changes.

Best practice

An audit trail that supports regulatory best practices for all buildings.

Golden Thread

Compliance with principals, guidelines and changes to the Building Safety Act, in accordance with the concept of the ‘Golden Thread’.


i-icon-blueKey Features

  • BIM Compatible

  • Automatic reminder emails

  • Built-in document review and approval process

  • Archive system built in to provide details of document version and replacements

  • Comprehensive, quick search facility on all uploaded documents

  • Cloud-based with the highest levels of encryption and security

  • Multiple file types supported

  • Allows for efficient transition to the client minimising the delay in project hand-over

  • Boosts environmental credentials of the build, moving away from paper-based Safety Files

  • Provides a project cost saving from the non-production of a paper-based Safety File

  • Simple to use, with affordable licensing and costing structure.

i-icon-greenSafe & Secure

InduraSFS holds all of your legal compliance systems and records on-line, so if you do not want a difficult-to-manage paper based system, or require a solution that meets requirements of BS EN ISO 14001, InduraSFS is the ideal solution.

Sign on to the system is controlled via user’s email addresses. Email is important as all reports are sent electronically, providing:
• An environmentally friendly solution
• User integrity

InduraSFS is a secure web based solution, so can be accessed anywhere, at any location, at any time, just as long as you have internet access.

All information is held on central servers, so changes to legislation, or your company information, can be executed, communicated, and even implemented with considerable efficiency.

If your computer crashes, you won’t lose any data as everything you do is held online in our secure servers.


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